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The Flowbench is an instrument you will use to evaluate the flow characteristics of your test pieces. The air flow charateristics of your test specimen can be measured and recorded very accurate. If you want to check different specifications of your specimen, it is possible to prepare it at our workshop. For that we can offer a high precision turning lathe and a milling machine. For different valveseat tests there is a serdi pro to cut the seats available.


  • Bi-directional flow (intake and exhaust modes)
  • Automatically regulates test pressure or flow
  • Test pressures to 65"
  • Range 0-1000 cfm
  • External frequency  and pressure inputs for swirl and tumble meter, velocity probe and other devices


  • Cylinder head adapters for several applications
  • Pitot Tubes to measure intake and exhaust air velocity
  • Swirl Meter to measure swirl and tumble
  • Automatic Valve Actuator is a precision stepper for valve opening to help you to measure airflow and airflow qualities in the fastest most accurate manner possible.
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