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​Engine Dyno


With our professional engine dyno you can test all critical power characteristics of your engine. You can evaluate modifications one at a time, or as a complete system. You can run manuel tests or by computer command. The dyno has an adequate water supply to provide engines up to 350 bhp with cooling water. High capacity fans and heaters enable accurate  test cell conditions. The test area is heavily soundproofed, so a concentrated work on the test stand control is possible everytime. Develop on the dyno, race at the track.


Eddy Current Brake

  • maximum power 190 kW
  • maximum torque 610 Nm
  • maximum speed 12000 rpm
  • moment of inertia 0,176 kgm²
  • pressurized colling tower
  • electrical starter

Data Acquisition

  • measures atmospheric condition during the test to correct recorded datas to worldwide standards (ECE, DIN, SAE, STP, etc)
  • measures and calculates over 100 channels like analog voltages, temperatures, frequencies, pressure for additional sensors including OBDII, blow-by, lambda, air and fuel flow
  • standard tests include controlled acceleration, controlled decelleration, step, steady-state and track lap can also run like any custom test

Operator control panel

  • PID controllers allow open or closed loop control of throttle and load
  • safety limiting actions can be set for every channel to protect your engine
  • manual or automated test room controls like fans, heaters and pumps for test cell conditioning
  • manual or automated pressure simulation for combustion  air during test

Engine and Sensor preparation

  • Engine Trolley are used to pre-stage and dress engines before installed in test room for fast changing times
  • very flexible engine mounts for a large number of different engines
  • Stäubli quick release couplings for fuel and coolant systems to reduce engine changing time
  • adaptors for drive shaft can be buildt in house
  • adaptors, connectors or welding fittings can be prepared and attached
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